Friday, May 20, 2011

London's BIrthday..

Trish sent me this smilebox for London's birthday party and as I sat in front of the computer I started to cry because London is my youngest niece.. I babysat for Trish for about 6 months and London was like my little baby.... I changed her diapers all the time, put her down for naps, feed her, and played with her all the time while all the older ones were at school. I have 14 nieces and nephews, but I feel closest to London because I got to to be with her all the time! She is the sweetest little girl in the world and it's fun seeing her get older, but like this song I just don't want her to grow up:( Happy Birthday Little London. I love you. Miss you! 

You have to watch this..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A day off.

Soooo today was my day off and I was able to get a lot done.. I told my mom I wanted to start cooking more and of course being the Martha Stewart she is, she got right on her computer and started printing off a million recipes to choose from. So today we went to the grocery store with our huge list of ingredients we needed! It was fun! Tonight I made a chicken caesar lettuce wrap!! It was super easy and we got the recipe from "The sister's cafe". It was healthy and even my dad loved it:) my recipe next is a Bbq pork sandwich:)

This is the fabric I am using for Aaron's bowtie.. Its super cute and I started cutting it all out today:) 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today I went for a run and it was so pretty outside! I couldn't help,but pick these tulips from some random house in provo haha... Love flowers!!

I talked to my sister today for a while and she made me so jealous. She was at the pool with London and Isaac! London I guess really wanted this swimsuit and it might be the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Trish is always telling me cute little stories about her and the things she says! I miss my sister, but love catching up with her and her family..
Aaron sent me this and I though it was the cutest picture in the whole world. He had to take it for a permit in the new area he is selling in:) I miss him like crazy still, but skype helps!! Love him <3

Saturday, May 7, 2011


So now that Aaron is gone I get somewhat bored at nights. I wanted to be a little bit more domestic this summer. It would probably be more accurate to say he is the more fashionable one of the relationship and is always coming up with ways to change a style of a shirt or pant:) He knows that I know how to sew and has always wanted me to sew him something. I was raised learning how to sew and have a mom who is AMAZING at it...Aaron and I got off the phone tonight, and he mentioned wanting me to make him something cool like a tall t-shirt. So...I started looking up some patterns for things I could pull together!! I found something more simple to start with. I know he has wanted one of these bow tie's for church since Christmas time! I figured it would probably be pretty easy so I'm going to!! We will see how it goes!! Excited!  

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This weekend I had some fun bonding experiences with my roommate Caitlyn! Since Aaron has been gone Caitlyn has been such an awesome friend and has hung out with my every night.. We mainly just hang out in our room and have lots of girl talk which is always fun.. We  went to two grocery stores because she couldn't find the vitamins she needed:) I tagged a long, but had lots of fun catching up with her and her life... I feel like I am so blessed with such awesome roommates and of course my best friend Whitney.. I love hearing about all of their lives and what they are doing with them...

Aaron has been gone over a week now and I miss him like CRAZY!!!  I have the sweetest boyfriend in the whole world.. I miss him everyday and think about him constantly.. We both have been looking at flights so I can try to go out there as soon as possible... Ohhh I can't wait!!!!! He sent me this late tonight in a text and I couldn't help but post it because I thought it was the cutest thing in the whole world! LOVE YOU baaabeee and miss you bunches:) 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 29th.

Aaron is 22 today!! We got to skpye tonight for the first time! We had so much fun doing it! Obviously its nothing like being in person, but it was so fun to actually see his face!!! I miss him like crazy!! We both started looking at flights, so hopefully I get to go out there soon and hopefully stay out there for a while:) I love him so much and I hope he has such a good day!!

I love that it's starting to get warmer outside. Whitney, Brooke (Aarons little sister), and I went for a bike ride yesterday which was a blast! I want to stay extra busy this summer while Aaron is gone.. He sometimes teases me about my cooking skills so I decided this summer I want to be more domestic.... Cooking will take some time, but when I get that time I want to learn how to be a better cook. My mom taught us all how to sew at a young age... That's another skill I would love to make more time for. I am planning on working a lot this summer, so I hope to get as much fun as possible when I'm not at work.... The other day I got on to Etsy. com and saw some fun things I want to learn how to do this summer so we will see how it goes...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Aaron left yesterday.... His family came into town for the week.. It was fun hanging out with them all again! I miss him like crazy already! As you can imagine I was such a cry baby yesterday...As he was packing his apt all day I couldn't help but think about the past 6 months of our relationship and how amazing it has been and how much I love him. I know its going to be a long 4 months without him, but I know he will do an amazing job selling this summer so I know I have to look at the positive side of him going out to sale.  

I feel extremely blessed this Easter! I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world who always make me want to be a better person... My parents are the greatest and I learn from their example everyday..I love my job and love the good friends I have made this past year!

Happy easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today Aaron and I went out to my parents stake conference because my dad is the second counsler in the stake presidency and he spoke. We hung out at my parents for a while and then went to my oldest nephews Zach's eagle Scout award... I can't believe he is almost at the age to drive and a senior in high school.. crazy! It was fun to see my family there and especially my parents  because they were so proud of their oldest grandchild! This week is not going to be one of the easiest weeks of my life that is for sure.. 

As most of you know, Aaron leaves to do summer sales on Saturday!!  He will be selling for Vivint in Texas for 4 whole months. Thank goodness there is such thing as Skype for my survival ha.. I am hoping to fly out there a few times at least to see him! It will be one of the hardest things in the world not to be together in person, but he can make a lot of money doing it and likes the guys he is going out to sale with so hopefully it all works out as planned... I will miss lot of things while he is gone and doing one of his favorites... scratching his back every night or playing with his hair!! I will at least still get to listen to all of the funny voices he makes and the way he always makes me laugh or smile.. I love him so much..For sure my bestest friend in the whole world!! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

My trip to Colorado.

Let's just say it was one of the most adventurous trips I have ever had, but at the same time one of the most fun trips I have had:)... Aaron and I left for Colorado late Thursday night... It's only about four and half hours to get to Montrose, Colorado where Aaron grew up! We did so much in the two and half days we were there... His entire family made me feel so welcome! They are the most down to earth people I have ever met.... Aaron grew up with 8 siblings... His mom is one the sweetest ladies! I was so impressed with the much of a sweetheart she was... So calm with all 6 six boys!!! On Saturday, Aaron wanted to show me around Colorado and wanted me to see the things he grew up young doing... The first stop was Telluride... On the way there my car decided to break down:( I was super bummed and kind of in a bad mood about it, but of course Aaron and his super positive attitude said it was no big deal and we would worry about it later... His dad brought us out another car and we drove to out to Telluride... It was one of the prettiest places I have ever seen! The trees were prettier than anything in Utah and the cabin's up there were beautiful.. We walked around in the shops there and saw the town! We then went to Ouray.. Were we hiked a waterfall... I was kind of being a baby about it because there was so much snow, but of course aaron wanted to hike clear up the water falls... We took some pictures and froze, but it was still sooo much fun. After that we went to these natural hot springs there for a few hours! By the time we got home I was sooo tired, but had so much fun with Aaron.. Of course he still wanted to do more so his dad took us to this indoor shooting club place where Aaron, his dad, and I got to shoot some guns!!! That was my first time ever shooting a gun, but his dad was such a sweetheart and walked me through everything!! Aaron and his dad hit the target every time.. I struggled, but did I guess, ok for my first time. His brothers Mark and Micheal came over a few times that weekend with their cute families and just talked and hung out with us! They were super cool and put me on what they call the "hot seat" ... I had to answer honestly any questions they asked... Kind of scary, but thought it was fun!

It was such a fun weekend and I fell in love with the Tobler family.. They made me feel like I was at my own house.. the best part of this trip was the fact that it was just Aaron and I for a few days.. hanging out. We get so busy with our lives at home and don't always get to hang out like that so it was lots and lots of fun..

lots of good memories...A perfect weekend.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change of plans...

Aaron and I were suppose to go to Landon's lake house with his family, but the weather wasn't going to be great so at last minute we decided not to go! We were planning on going to colorado to stay with his family next weekend, but because the change of plans with the weather this weekend...we decided to go out to Colorado this weekend! I'm super excited to hang out with his family! Aaron said there is a lot of cool things to do out there so it should be super fun!!!:) I am sooo excited! 

 My parents drove to California Yesterday to see my two sisters out there and their families!! My Nephew Isaac is getting baptized this Saturday! I can't believe he is already eight...So my sister Trish, about a year ago, decided she was over Utah and wanted to live near the beach.. She moved into an apartment 5 minutes from the beach and is in love with San Clemente... She goes for walks with London every day on the beach.. I am super jealous, but I did get these cute pictures from her yesterday.. Miss them!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference weekend.

Conference weekend.
What is this weather???? It was so nice and warm for a few days and now back to this grossness ha!! I had to work most of this weekend so I didn't get to watch the Saturday session, but I watched the Sunday morning session with Aaron and then came out to my parents for the afternoon session. My mom is turning 58 on the 6th. She is amazing and has taught me so much. I have never meet anyone so amazing like my mom... She is so intelligent, creative, and artistic with everything she does! She has been a huge influence in my life and I love her! I wont be here on her birthday this year so I hope she has a great day!!! Happy Birthday Mom..

Aaron and I  leave Wednesday and are going with Landon, Marianne, and his parents to a lake in California. It will be such a blast and I can't wait for a little break. We are going to be able to wakeboard!!:) Finally, just hope the weather is good!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Regan and Whitney putting in the light bulbs! haha

cleaning night with some of the roommates

Tonight was an interesting night. Regan, Whit, and I all decided we needed to clean our entire apt. (mostly because Whitney and Shayna decided they were randomly going to throw a dessert party on a Tuesday night ha). We scrubbed out the fridge and cleaned the whole kitchen. I finally took down the Christmas tree we have had up all winter... Regan thought it would have been fun to put flowers all over the tree, but I wasn't to stoked about that idea and took it down. Things get messy living with 8 girls!! Our fridge is over taken by condiments and I swear that is only normal in a guys apt... Whitney tried to set up her new desk for her computer at the edge of our bed. We hardly have any room to move in our master room, but tried to make it work. As we got everything out to set up the desk, all I could do was LAUGH!!! There were sooo many parts and we both had no idea what we were doing!! It was a good bonding experience for the 3 of us.... lots of laughing and teasing!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jaidyn shakin her booty

This is my niece Jaidyn. She's in the solid black and starts out on the far right.

Welcome to My Blog

I decided to start a blog....welcome! I am just getting some of this down with the whole slideshow thing, but this new blog thing of mine will get bettter.. Can't wait!!!