Saturday, May 7, 2011


So now that Aaron is gone I get somewhat bored at nights. I wanted to be a little bit more domestic this summer. It would probably be more accurate to say he is the more fashionable one of the relationship and is always coming up with ways to change a style of a shirt or pant:) He knows that I know how to sew and has always wanted me to sew him something. I was raised learning how to sew and have a mom who is AMAZING at it...Aaron and I got off the phone tonight, and he mentioned wanting me to make him something cool like a tall t-shirt. So...I started looking up some patterns for things I could pull together!! I found something more simple to start with. I know he has wanted one of these bow tie's for church since Christmas time! I figured it would probably be pretty easy so I'm going to!! We will see how it goes!! Excited!  

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