Sunday, May 1, 2011


This weekend I had some fun bonding experiences with my roommate Caitlyn! Since Aaron has been gone Caitlyn has been such an awesome friend and has hung out with my every night.. We mainly just hang out in our room and have lots of girl talk which is always fun.. We  went to two grocery stores because she couldn't find the vitamins she needed:) I tagged a long, but had lots of fun catching up with her and her life... I feel like I am so blessed with such awesome roommates and of course my best friend Whitney.. I love hearing about all of their lives and what they are doing with them...

Aaron has been gone over a week now and I miss him like CRAZY!!!  I have the sweetest boyfriend in the whole world.. I miss him everyday and think about him constantly.. We both have been looking at flights so I can try to go out there as soon as possible... Ohhh I can't wait!!!!! He sent me this late tonight in a text and I couldn't help but post it because I thought it was the cutest thing in the whole world! LOVE YOU baaabeee and miss you bunches:) 

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