Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Aaron left yesterday.... His family came into town for the week.. It was fun hanging out with them all again! I miss him like crazy already! As you can imagine I was such a cry baby yesterday...As he was packing his apt all day I couldn't help but think about the past 6 months of our relationship and how amazing it has been and how much I love him. I know its going to be a long 4 months without him, but I know he will do an amazing job selling this summer so I know I have to look at the positive side of him going out to sale.  

I feel extremely blessed this Easter! I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world who always make me want to be a better person... My parents are the greatest and I learn from their example everyday..I love my job and love the good friends I have made this past year!

Happy easter!

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